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Vital to tackle the root causes of corruption

RED tape is recognised as the main contributor to corruption in the public service. Beefing up enforcement and having awareness campaigns on corruption by MACC is only addressing the symptoms, not eliminating the root causes.

There are several approaches or tools that can be used to tackle the root causes of corruption. One of them is simplifying the administrative process with re-engineering techniques used by the business fraternity.

All non-value added or wasted steps should be eliminated after a thorough study by Pemuda (sic) [Correct: Pemudah] or other related departments. Shorter and efficient processes reduce the chance for bribery and corruption.

KPI is a follow-up or feedback loop to monitor the administrative processes after the process re-engineering or new process design is completed.

For example, a car manufacturer promises dubious “faster” delivery time for new car orders. This kind of “no KPI measurement” commitment is not good enough to achieve world-class performance in the company or in our nation.

I suggest a fixed maximum delivery days or hours based on a customer’s (read rakyat’s) demand.

For example, the delivery time for a business licence application has to be defined and its application automatically approved if the concerned department cannot approve the application on time. They also have to explain to the customer if the application is rejected.

More simple, open, transparent and shorter administrative processes coupled with effective KPIs will reduce corruption in any organisation.


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