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When sin activities are transforming into Chinese culture?

Former Prime Minister Mahathir and his political sycophants complimented addiction to gambling is a Chinese culture is either due to his ignorance or indeed the standard of morality in Chinese community is damn low.

MCA elected a top leader involved in out of wedlock through a democratic election system. Hence I wonder outsiders especially Malays also see out of wedlock is a part of Chinese culture?

Who should be blamed when other races mistaken social sin activities as our Chinese culture? MCA has publicly supporting the legalization of sports betting is main culprit, they should be held responsible for belittlement and pollution of Chinese culture.

Chinese community was in the wrong path when BN government legalized 4D, Toto, Mahjung and casino supposed for their constitutional rights.

My parents with no formal education in the kampung played 4D games for all whole year round and they have seen nothing wrong for their betting behavior. 4D a legal trade is a baseline for them to set the moral value. Unfortunately more than a half of my siblings are inherited 4D gambling “excellent culture” from my parents.

Malaysia Chinese mainstream culture has normalized gambling as a part of their culture, it’s a shame when outsiders and some Chinese proclaim that gambling is a Chinese culture.

Let get back to the root of rotting, the moment BN government legalized 4D and issued casino license for Chinese community, Chinese was destinating to “cultural sicko” fate.

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