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Another wastage of public money and the amount is RM 12.95 billion for 5 years

Malaysia is the most generous country in the world.

We spent billion of taxpayers’ money to send SPM A scorers (whether they are true talents or not is still debatable!) to overseas, and only 16% came back to serve the country after finishing their studies.

The other 84% mostly end up in the Western countries. We foot the billion bill to train these people for Western countries.

Who say there is no free lunch? This is a free lunch for Western countries from a developing country, named Malaysia.

I think it’s much better to use that money for local universities to hire world-class lecturers and professors from all over the world. Only post-graduate students in selected disciplines are eligible to apply for government scholarships.

Only 16% of scholars serve the bond

When Pua asked the prime minister a year ago on how many scholars actually served their bond, it was reported that only a meagre 4,932 of them served while 314 were released from their contracts out of the 30,832 scholarships awarded between 2003 and 2007.

That amounted to a loss of RM12.95 billion in taxpayers’ money — an amount enough to build 16 new parliament buildings.

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Hasnim says:

The privatisation of essential public services is supposed to let free of the government of financial burdens and benefit the people but the people are not seeing this happening. Extensive leakages and a culture of corruption have spoiled the image of the incumbent government.

Excessive leakages, financial improprieties and continuing corruption have drained RM20 billion from the nation’s coffer annually. The country is no doubt blessed with plenty of natural resources if well managed could help finance developments.

RM325 billions of hard-earned Petronas money was used by the government since 2007 and this is an annual average of about RM81 billion. The people are not informed for what purpose the money is used for.

As opposed to these let-downs, Selangor, Penang, Kelantan and Kedah have achieved enormously better economic results since 2008. For instance, in 2010 Selangor under the Opposition posted the largest budget surplus in the state’s history. And Penang recorded budget surplus for every year since 2008. Penang’s total debt of RM630 million in 2008 has now (2011) been reduced to RM30 million.

nkkhoo says:

Stop cheating like BN. Enough is enough, please go cheat orang kampong, not nkkhoo.

Penang RM600 million debt deduction is through debt restructuring with Federal government. The Penang state government has to pay RM 30 million for 50 year annually under this exercise.