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禁赌: 民主行动党PK马华,一场五十笑一百的闹剧






2. 彩票和万字票都是属于赌博的一种。

3. 合法的赌球跟合法的万字一样要到指定的地点去投注。黑市另论,我敢跟黄先生打票他不用出门半步也可以赌万字,黑市万字票收注员会光临府上替他服务。




English translation:

Banning gambling issue: DAP PK MCA, the pot calling the kettle black comedy show

After reading the media statement from the secretary of DAP Youth. Mr. Ng Wei Aik, I have to rebut him for his twisted stories.

“DAP will never be a cohort for PAS. Our opinion is clear cut that DAP only against legalizing sports betting due to sports betting operation is different with lottery and 4D. Sports betting can be played from home with higher bet amount whereas lottery and 4D betting is restricted in certain locations.”


My no nonsense opinions are as below,

1. Anti-gambling is not limited to Islam, other mainstream religions are also opposing gambling. Anti-gambling is equal to supporting PAS ideology is merely a gimmick played out by MCA to cheat orang kampung.

2. Lottery and 4D are categorized as gamble.

3. Legal sports betting is same with legal 4D betting restricted in certain outlets. The story is quite different in illegal or black market, I can guarantee Mr. Ng that black market 4D bookie will provide home service for him to bet 4D comfortably from his home.

A gamble is a gamble regardless the betting amount and betting method, is definitely a sin. All gambles should be discouraged and banned by laws.

DAP’s stance on gambling is same with MCA purely for political gains, they both ignore the future and well-being of Chinese community in the long-term.

In a nutshell, DAP is plain hypocrisy while MCA is plain shameless, and both of them are suck.

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Twaddletweak says:

Gambling is not our culture. It’s a habbit. Like father, like son. Smokers also pass down their habbits to their children, in most cases, no matter which race u r from. Dr M should know that. Regarding ketamin or whatever drugs, young people are taking it, knowing how bad it is. But why r they still taking it?? Ketamin, although it is banned, is still available everywhere. How to make it totally disappear?? If there is no demand. Same happens to gambling. So we must get to the rootcause and deal with it. We hav to tell our children what is good and bad, and be a good example to them. Help them to build up strong characters and good spirit. Not only help them to discern but like what is good and dislike what is bad. Nowadays, our youth are mostly “不知所谓"。

Twaddletweak says:

U r right. Gamble is gamble, no matter in what form it appears. However, I think since our government has allow lottery and casinos, football gambling is just another choice only. We need to educate people to avoid gambling rather than forbid them forcefully. It will be good to give license to football gambling to avoid social issues as people just gamble without paying first at black market. Our citizen should be mature enough to discern rather to be a pet in a cage. Freedom is not about doing anything we like. Freedom is about a ability to say “no”.

admin says:

My late father was a habitual gambler, and my siblings are 4D players. My brothers and sisters learned it from my parents and I afraid the same habit will be passed down to their offspring as a Chinese cultural heritage.

To Chinese folks, do not be offended when Malay like Mahathir says gambling is Chinese culture IF we unconsciously to accept gambling as a pastime hobby.

Legalize any form of gambling can give wrong signal to Chinese people that gamble is an acceptable way of life.

How about Chinese youth wanted the freedom of talking ketamin? Should we legalize drug usage for the sake of freedom of choice?