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Perkasa, what is wrong to abolish MARA overseas scholarships?

Ibrahim Ali, do you know only 16% overseas scholarship holders are returning to your country to serve their contracts after graduating from their studies?

The statistics from 2003-07 indicated RM 13 billion is allocated for overseas scholarships.

BN government is spending more than RM 2 billion each year to train up several thousand Malaysians to serve Western countries like America, United Kingdom, Australia, etc. (they are supposed anti-Muslim nations by Perkasa standard!) is a true betrayal to rakyat and Malaysia.

The billions money flows to foreign countries should be re-channeled for better use like improving teaching standard and equipment in the local higher institutions, building a modern highway to Kelantan or other productive purposes.

I was informed by MU librarian only RM8 million is budgeted for MU library each year which is obviously under funded to support a world-class university vision.

Also under what acts mention that overseas scholarships are privilege rights exclusively for bumi?

MARA universities for bumi is more than enough to fulfill special position requirement for bumi stipulated in the Malaysia consitution. A highest quantitative quota mentioned in the Malaysia constitution is 75% bumi quota for public servants, therefore reserving 100% seats in MARA universities for bumi itself is unconstitutional act and against the spirit of one united Malaysia.

Since MCA Deputy Minister Wee Ka Siong is living under the sarung of UMNO, has no gut to ask for abolishment for MARA overseas scholarships, I humbly urge BN government to abolish ALL overseas scholarships for undergraduate studies inclusive MARA scholarships. Only post-graduate studies in certain disciplines like nano technology are eligible for public funded overseas scholarships,

Perkasa, please report to police on my appeal to BN government for abolishing MARA overseas scholarships.

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还有那条法令阅明海外奖学金是土著应享有的特权(privilege rights) 呢?

只接纳土著学生的玛拉大学已大大符合大马宪法要求给于土著在教育方面的特别地位(special position)。在宪法里有明文规定的最高土著固打额是75%的公务员,土著霸占玛拉大学一百巴仙的学额本身已有违宪之嫌和违背团结一个马来西亚的独立精神。



Perkasa: Arrest Ka Siong under ISA

KUALA LUMPUR: Perkasa, the group claiming to champion Malay rights, is calling for a deputy minister to be arrested under the Internal Security Act (ISA).

In its newsletter Suara Perkasa to be launched today, the main agenda on the front page would be an article entitled “Tahan Ka Siong Bawah ISA” (Arrest Ka Siong under ISA), in reference to Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong, reported an online news portal.

The news portal, quoting Perkasa’s vice-president Dr Zubir Harun at a press conference here yesterday, said the movement wanted the Government to arrest Dr Wee because “Wee Ka Siong cannot say that Mara (scholarships) have to be reduced … he is against the Constitution.”

It was previously reported that Dr Wee had asked if the Mara scholarships would also be scrapped in the Government’s intention to do away with overseas scholarships offered by the Public Service Department.

Dr Wee had since dismissed allegations that he was questioning the special positions of the bumiputra.

Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin had also joined in the fray by calling Perkasa’s chief Datuk Ibrahim Ali a political gangster.

At the press conference, Perkasa’s deputy president Datuk Abdul Rahman Abdul Bakar said Dr Wee should apologise for the Mara scholarship remark, otherwise Perkasa would ensure the Malays would not vote him in the next general election.

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Perkosapukimak says:

Perkosa is just a group of sakai.
more than 80% taxes income is contributed by chinese, not Malay.
But they never satisfied even though NEP is running for 40 years, which Tun Razak promised to abolish in 1990, wtf.