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Nik Aziz's analogy is inaccurate

Sexual behavior is inherited in the human DNA like other animals, all fully matured man and woman know to make love naturally regardless there is sex education or not.

Sex education is to inculcate good social behavior and taboo on sexual intercourse.

Thievery is a bad social behavior which has to be taught and learned by an individual.

Obviously, Nik Aziz’s analogy is misconstrued.

Seems there is hidden agenda by pro-BN newspapers to publish Nik Aziz’s opinion in the front page.

Nik Aziz: Sex education will do more harm than good

KOTA BARU: Kelantan Menteri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat disagrees with the move to teach sex education in schools, saying it will do more harm than good to the younger generation.

The PAS spiritual leader added that introducing the subject in schools would be like teaching thieves how to steal properly.

He said the move would, among others, encourage children to learn about sex among themselves, resulting in negative incidences like throwing away of unwanted babies.

“There is already sex education in Islam like parents should have a separate sleeping place for their children when they reach the age of seven and that women should be properly covered,” he said after delivering a religious lecture, here, on Friday.

Nik Aziz also wanted illicit sex to be termed as zina (sex between unmarried couples) in Islam and not as seks bebas (free sex) as deemed by some quarters.

“What’s wrong with calling seks bebas, zina as the latter word would instil some fear in Muslims? And those who commit zina should be punished under the hudud law,” he said.

The issue of sex education has long been discussed and debated with several quarters urging sex education to be implemented in schools to curb social ills like unwanted pregnancies and throwing away of babies, which has become rampant of late.

However, to date there has been no decision on the matter.-Bernama

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