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NO to BN Reason 1: Non-bumis are too fed up with 40-year old never ending NEP

Late Tun Razak promised by 1990 the NEP will be discontinued. UMNO was manipulating statistics by using face value instead of market value to compute the nation wealth ownership and distribution amongst its population.

Bumi share is about 20% by using face value but, bumis actually own more than 40%+ by using market value which is a true value.

In a nutshell, 30% target for bumi in the NEP was already achieved. NEP should be dismantled and replaced by free competition and meritocracy system.

MCA did nothing or inaction to protest this cheating !

Besides, NEP was hijacked to help bumi only, against the first goal of NEP which was clearly stated the eradication of poverty for all poor people regardless their race and color skin.

There are also many abuses during the NEP implementation.

For instance, diploma intake in local public universities was never included in the bumi quota statistics. Nowadays the actual bumi percentage in the public universities is around 70-75%, well beyond 30% target set in the NEP.

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Mushi Abdullah says:

Malayu Boleh tetapi masih memerlukan tongkat NEP?

Ini banyak ironik!

Fanny says:

Strangely MCA is quiet on this matter but continue to harp on hudud issue.
MCA got its priority wrong, that’s why the chinese are deserting the party.

Abdul Qawwi says:

As a Malay, I’ve always disagreed with the NEP. NEP does ‘help Malays’. They help UMNO supporters. In fact, it’s common for Malays to get overlooked for scholarships and universities if they have an anti-BN look.

The NEP is the primary factor causing Malaysia’s brain drain. The bumis who are helped by it are quite often spoiled and ungrateful and leave to work in other countries. The non-bumis who are exceptionally intelligent will often prefer to work overseas where they feel more appreciated. The non-bumis of moderate intelligence/skill will end up working jobs below their skill level because they can’t afford the degree.

What about all the less intelligent bumis who get a free pass into uni? They graduate, and then end up starting a ‘business’ (opening up a restaurant or dobi) or becoming salesmen for Monavie, Herbalife, Omegatrend or the dozens of other get rich quick schemes. Such a waste.