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NO to BN Reason 2 :: 52 billion shares allocated for bumi since 1971 were unaccountable and missing

Every single bumi will be RM3,000 richer if these shares were allocated equally to them. The actual amount is multiplied to RM15,000 if we use market value for computing those missing bumi shares.

As usual, Chinese is the scapegoat for failed NEP.

Who were stealing these bumi shares? The clear cut answer is UMNO goons themselves.

Further reading: Where are RM52 billion Bumi shares, asks Guan Eng


理由二: 自1970年分配给土著的520亿股权不翼而飞





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ariel says:

LGE mentioned this in his debate 2.0 with the porn star. but the porn star elak the issue.