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Say NO to BN Reason 5

Reason 5: UMNO labels Malaysia Chinese is richest race for political reason.

The myth of 8 out of top 10 richest person is Chinese is manipulated to project that Chinese is the richest race with luxurious lifestyle.

According to latest income statistics, Chinese household income is 20% above Malay.

Average income alone is flaw in statistics. Gini coefficient or dispersion index must be looked into with average income to determine the fairness and actual wealth distribution.

I’m Chinese, do Chinese tycoons give me money to feed my mouth? The answer is NO. Ironically their astronomical incomes are included in the Chinese average income computation. This resulting Chinese average income looks higher on paper.

By removing trillion incomes of these Chinese tycoons from the Chinese income computation, I dare to say 90% Chinese ordinary people are no better off than Malay government servants.

Due to more Chinese tycoons, the wealth distribution disparity among Chinese is probably more acute than the national level.

理由五: 巫统政治化大马华人是最富有的族群







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