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Reason 6 :: Acute unequal and unjust wealth distribution

By NKKhoo


Malaysia has the second highest Gini coefficient of 0.492 or 49.2% in Asia, meaning we are second worst in wealth distribution amongst her people. (see

In layman term, 80% of wealth is controlled by 15% population like Ananda Krishnan, Vincent Tan, Francis Yeoh, Lim Kok Thay, Syed Mokhtar, Mokhzani Mahathir, Nazir Razak, Eleena Azlan Shah, etc.

I single out Robert Kuok because his wealth mostly was amassed outside Malaysia after NEP was implemented.

These tycoons not representing the majority of Chinese, Malay and Indian except these tycoons boost up our national average income with no direct benefits to many of us.

I’ll give you a quick quantitative analysis on actual GDP per capita for 85% poor Malaysians and 15% Malaysia elites.


1. GDP per capita in 2009 given by IMF is USD 6897 (ref:

2. 80% wealth controlled by 15% rich; 20% wealth controlled by 85% poor. (Source quoted from the World Bank)

3. 26 million population as at 2009.

Analysis results:

-15% rich Malaysians GDP per capita is USD 36784 per capita.

-85% poor Malaysians GDP per capita is USD 1623 per capita.

The wealth shared by 85% poor Malaysians is USD 1623 per capita which is less than Philippines GDP, USD 1764 at 122nd position.

My fellow Malaysians, don’t syiok sendiri when PM Najib told you our GDP is at 66th position, most likely you are in the 85% group with average USD 1623 per capita.

Malaysia is a nation within a nation, one haves elite group with USD 36784 GDP per capita and another have-nots group with USD 1623 per capita.

The economic gap between haves and have-nots is 22.7 times!

List of the richest people in Malaysia for 2009 :-

1. Tan Sri Robert Kuok :- RM42.76bil
2. Tan Sri Ananda Krishnan :- RM27bil
3. Tan Sri Lee Shin Cheng :- RM11.92bil
4. Tan Sri Teh Hiong Piow :- RM10.86bil
5. Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay :- RM10.38bil
6. Tan Sri Quek Leng Chan :- RM7.09bil
7. Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhary :- RM6.01bil
8. Puan Sri Lee Kim Hua :- RM4.4bil
9. Tan Sri Tiong Hiew King :- RM3.5bil
10.Tan Sri Vincent Tan :- 2.2bil

Further reading: Distributing wealth equally may just be the answer.


马来西亚是在亚洲奇尼系数排行第二高的国家,即是 0.492 或 49.2%。这意谓着它的人民财富分配不均是排第二糟糕。[参考: see]

以简单的说法是80%的财富被15%的人口控制,如 安南达 Ananda Krishnan, 陈志远 Vincent Tan, 杨肃斌 Francis Yeoh, 林国泰Lim Kok Thay, 赛莫达 Syed Mokhtar, 莫萨尼 Mokhzani Mahathir, 纳节Nazir Razak, 依琳娜 Eleena Azlan Shah, 等。



通过定量分析我给大家一个大马 15% 富人和 85% 穷人的真实个人均收入。

-> 15%的富人的人均收入是36,784美元

-> 85%的穷人的人均收入是1,623美元

明显的 85% 的大马人拥有的GDP是1623美元,低于国际上排行122名的菲律宾的全国的1764美元的GDP。


马来西亚是一个国中国,有钱的精英分子拥有高达 36,800 美元的GDP,没钱的老百姓只有区区的1600美元的GDP。

两者有钱和没钱阶级的经济差距是 22.7倍。另一个Malaysia Boleh!

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