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KL MRT: Another giant cash cow for UMNO cronies

Good news is KL folks are going to have a new MRT, be ready in the next decade or so.

Bad news is we Malaysians have to foot astronomical bill due to rent-seeking and black box tender process.

Be prepared to add 30% mark-up price on MRT project cost, and the actual mark-up price can be as high as RM10 billion.

I hope you understand mark-up price which is equivalent to money stolen from the taxpayers and go privately into pocket of UMNO goons.

Besides billions cost overrun, KL MRT is another legal vehicle to grab land bank from the owners for UMNO cronies.

Below is a sketchy plan on MRT project I found in the internet.

Under the RM43bil MRT project, there will be two major routes from “Kepong to Cheras”, “Damansara to Serdang” and another important route that will connecting up all the networks and circling around the Kuala Lumpur City Centre.

Here are the estimated total project values for the future public transport plan in Malaysia:

RM7 billion – For Light Rail Transit (LRT) extension works
RM36 billion – For Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system construction and design
RM2 billion – For MRT station and MRT line land acquisition
RM3 billion – For all the vehicles that move on a railway (rolling stock)
RM2 billion – For MRT underground commercial space development

RM30b MRT plan

KUALA LUMPUR: A special task force has been set up within the Cabinet Committee on Public Transport to study a proposal for a new three-line mass rapid transit
(MRT) system costing more than RM30 billion.

Sources told the New Straits Times that Gamuda Bhd and MMC Corp Bhd had submitted a joint proposal to the government for a new MRT system to improve public transport in the Klang Valley.

While it aims to integrate the monorail and light rail transit (LRT) systems, the MRT lines will also connect the northwest and southeast of the Klang Valley.

The committee is chaired by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

It is understood that one of the lines will run through Sungai Buloh, Kota Damansara, Kuala Lumpur and Cheras until Kajang. Another line will connect Sungai Buloh, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur and Serdang. The third line will loop around

Kuala Lumpur’s central business district, providing a link between the monorail and LRT services. It is believed that Malaysian Resources Corp Bhd may have to redesign an upcoming development to facilitate this MRT line.

“The MRT lines will be mostly underground with stops every 500m to 1km in high-traffic areas like the Golden Triangle in Kuala Lumpur. The concept is similar to the MRT systems in Hong Kong and Singapore,” said a source.

Although the original proposal was submitted by Gamuda and MMC Corp, the project will be open to bidding.

“Instead of direct negotiations, what is being suggested is a variant of competitive bidding. This means the project is open to competitive bidding by third parties but Gamuda and MMC Corp have the option to outbid the best bid,” sources said. Because of the project size, it may take as long as 10 years to be completed.

When contacted yesterday, Gamuda, which was involved in the construction of the Kaohsiung Metropolitan MRT in Taiwan, declined to comment. The local MRT project will not be the first collaboration between MMC Corp and Gamuda.

Both are working on the electrified double-tracking project between Ipoh and Padang Besar. They also built the underground SMART tunnel here.

Research houses do not expect the MRT project to kick off soon even if it gets the go-ahead as the LRT extension project has not been awarded yet.

“In addition, there has been no news on the new LRT line as the focus is on getting the extension line project under way quickly,” said Kenanga Research in a report issued yesterday.

This refers to the proposed new LRT line from Kota Damansara to Cheras.

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Stella says:

If you watch the 8TV talk show on Sunday (12 noon), a panelist said that

1) 60-70% of residents in Jln Sultan are now pendatang asing, many of whom are plying their trade in that area, including Jln Petaling.

2) Jln Sultan/Jln Petaling is famous to the tourists as a place for fake/pirated goods.

It may be a place where Chinese first set foot in KL. But today it no longer reflect that.

nkkhoo says:

China town became a fake goods and foreign worker haven because of a poor law enforcement from BN corrupt government.

Zaki says:

It is a systematical way to slowly erase the Chinese heritage and historical site in KL as much as Yap Ah Loy is no longer been recogized by the SPM syllabus for his contribution in dveloping early KL.

I am puzzled why the MRT line does not pass through Kampung Baru for the benefits of the residents there. Maybe the people there are rich enough to drive their own cars?

nkkhoo says:

I was told Malay left wing like Pak Sako is also being excluded from the history textbook. It was in the history syllabus in my time.

Mat Indera is a recognized hero in Johor as reported by a book published by Johor government.

UMNO has no ball to grab land from Malays in the Kampung Baru.

Farizuan says:

Sejarah kita sekarang ditafsir (putar-belit) oleh Umno.

Nak jadi wira pun kena mati untuk Umno.

Umno sekarang bukan Umno dulu waktu. DNA Umno dah tukar bila dijadikan Umno Baru oleh Tun M. Malangnya banyak orang Melayu masih tak sedar.

Raw says:

One wold wonder why those umnoputera do not instead develop the land (plenty) at Kampung Baru?

nkkhoo says:

Because UMNO is a well-known anti-Chinese racist party.

small timer trader says:

I have the feeling, if the government is going to steam roll their way through this project to only benefit a few UMNO cronies – then the backlash from the Rakyat will be nothing short of a tsunami that will make the results of the last GE look like just a foretaste of what is to come.

It is one thing to rob the moderately hard working not so rich to benefit the common folk – but since the proposal in the MRT Bukit Bintang project seems to weighed towards the construction of shopping malls and office lots (that we dont really need, as there is already so many vacant office spaces in Klang Valley) – it seems the government is hell bent on robbing the small holders to enrich only the already rich.

I really cannot see the wisdom of launching a project that is likely to affect so many small shop owners and traders who have worked hard to make Bukit Bintang into a bustling tourist hub without even bothering with an all inclusive consultative process. One can only conclude very little attention has been paid to how this project will not only affect the cultural heritage of Bukit Bintang that has evolved for over a hundred over years. Neither do I see the wisdom of erecting acres of stainless steel and glass cladding, if it comes at the terrible cost of destroying the social, cultural and economic DNA of what makes Bukit Bintang what it is.

I sense this is will the Waterloo of UMNO – the rakyat can only tolerate so much land grabbing, but if it affects even ordinary folk, then no one is safe – under these circumstances most moderate Malaysians are likely to make their discontent on polling day.

As usual UMNO is either in terminal denial mode or maybe they are so fixated on the profit motive – they care very little for what will happen thereafter.

Whatever the outcome, this project will not go down well with the public despite the hype and spin that is currently orchestrated by those who will benefit most from the project – the Rakyat through the years have long since grown to see through the nefarious designs of UMNO et al.

small timer trader says:

I want to ask a very simple question that I have not been able to successfully answer. If the goal is to build a MRT in Bukit Bintang – then why does the government need to acquire so many lots of land from small landowners? It seems our government is more interested in building shopping malls and skyscraper office lots than to provide an integrated public transportation service. Another thing I cannot seem to understand is why is there a need to build a mega station cum shopping mall and office skyscraper in Bukit Bintang when there is already a LRT line (at Lot 10) nearby less than 2 minutes walk from the proposed MRT line?

Is this a land grab? And if this is the case, I wish to ask another simple question – are the small landowners who are forced to sell their property under the draconian terms of the Land Acquisition Act going to be compensated according to market rate? If the goal is to build ONLY a train station, then it could be said this is an economically and morally justified project that serves the common good – but that sadly that does seem to the case.

This leads any reasonable thinking person to ask the follow up question: who is getting rich from this mega project that we dont seem to need.