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Chinese schools are blamed for racial disunity in Malaysia by Malay right wing

Chinese vernacular schools are following same syllabus as Malay schools, no racial hatred elements are taught to Chinese students for whatsoever.

Malay radicals argued different language used in the school is main source of racial conflict. This argument is flawed in the first place.

I’ll give real examples where one language is used but her people are deeply divided.

– Thailand with one language policy. Thai people are divided to two groups, red shirt and yellow shirt. Economic gap is the main divider for her people.

– Taiwanese (same Han descendants) are divided to two groups according to migrants (during 40s and 50s) and native Chinese status.

How can Chinese vernacular primary school attracting 5% bumi student if these schools are hotbed for Chinese radicals?

How many non-bumi students in the Malay national school? Most likely is less than 5%. No official data from MOE because they are too shy to disclose actual racial composition in the national school.

The root cause for racial disunity is the racial segregation policies to group Malaysians into bumi and non-bumi.

What is the purpose of 1Sekolah (one language is used across all schools) when matrikulasi class and boarding schools are allocated to 99% bumi under the BN racial segregation a.ka. Malay apartheid policy?

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