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No democary in our schools

This photo is not related to incident I encountered

When I was posted in a mountain city, Kandy Sri Lanka in late 90s and the country was still in war-torn situation, I encountered an organized parade with live band by a hundred secondary students in the street. A local bystander told me these students had a peaceful demonstration against their school authorities.

That democratic parade by the Sri Lankan students really impressed me on how mature democracy system in Sri Lanka. Their secondary students are given demonstration rights on the street and no violence or police intervention whatsoever at the end of the demonstration.

UMNO goons in Bolehland are practicing communism in the school’s head perfect selection.

Why ban elections for ‘ketua murid’?
Shahrim Tamrin
Wednesday, August 4th, 2010 12:47:00

SHAH ALAM: Kampung Tunku assemblyman Lau Weng San has questioned the Education Ministry’s decision to disallow elections for head prefect or head of class in schools.

Lau said based on a circular signed by Education Ministry director-general Tan Sri Datuk Alimuddin Mohd Dom dated Feb 12, schools were to stop the practice of students electing the ‘ketua murid’.

“I find the directive disturbing and unproductive. We want the education system to provide more room for our students to think and be independent. But the ministry is setting an uninspiring and bland environment for our children,” said Lau at a Press conference this morning.

He said based on the directive, the head prefect or class representative would be appointed by teachers, or head prefect (for class representatives).

“I can accept the appointment practice in primary school. However, I find it bizarre that we don’t allow the students to elect their head prefect in secondary schools.

“I remember when I was growing up, elections in school encouraged character-building and spurred maturity in students. I always believe the freedom to choose should be exposed and developed from young,” he said.

The irony, he said, was the students were now unable to decide on the leader among them.

“This is a democratic country and I find it very odd that the Education Ministry is shaping our younger generation to accept everything set by the establishment and go against the norm of choosing their own representatives.”

The Kampung Tunku assemblyman added the terminology — ketua murid — in the circular was subjective and could lead to more confusion.

“The term ketua murid is vague since it can lead to so many interpretations. I would like to urge the ministry withdraw the directive and take the right measure to train the students to be more proactive.”

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