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Say no to Talibanization

These idiots wanted to impose their dream life ideology to others especially non-Muslims.

Who is behind them? Why they only protest against Selangor government, not other BN states?

Group calls for closure of entertainment outlets in Selangor during Ramadan

SHAH ALAM, Friday 6 August 2010 (Bernama) — A group of youths calling themselves Gagasan Anak Muda Selangor held a peaceful demonstration outside the State Mosque here after Friday prayers to demand all entertainment, massage and gambling outlets in the state to be closed during the holy month of Ramadan.

Mohd Razzdee Abdul Rahman, the spokesperson for the group which numbered some 15 youths, told reporters they wanted the sanctity of Ramadan to be respected.

He added that many of the entertainment outlets were fronts for vice activities which together with gambling were abhorred by all religions.

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