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The biggest spy camera in the world

I wonder they either amateur or no budget to purchase 007-styled spy camera for spying Selangor MB office.

This is another Malaysia Boleh.

Selangor MB finds spycam in office
by Maria J.Dass

SHAH ALAM (Aug 11, 2010): Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim stumbled upon a spy camera hidden in a gap between the thick curtains in his office on Tuesday.

The camera, which was linked to a recording device with a screen measuring about 10cm by 5cm, is believed to have been installed to capture his movements, and discussions with visitors at his office. The recording device which was found under a cupboard in the same room was attached to a charger.

Relating his find to reporters after the state executive council meeting today, Abdul Khalid said he was in his office at about 6pm yesterday when he heard a beeping sound.

“Turns out the battery for the device had run low, and the beeping was an indication of this,” he said as he held up the device that measured about 10x15cm.

“I have checked with the relevant parties, the state secretariat building officials and the security, but they do not know of the existence of this device,” he said.

“We are conducting our own investigations and will seek assistance from the police on this,” said Abdul Khalid, adding that the CCTV recordings of those entering and leaving his office will be scrutinised as part of this.

A police report has yet to be lodged.

“We will do the necessary investigations and submit the findings to the police in about a week,” said Abdul Khalid, adding that experts had been called in to help with the internal investigations.

He also said the police were welcome to conduct an investigation.

“For now, I will do it myself, and will go through the various phases because the facts are all there,” he said, adding that he had no clue who had installed the camera.

He brought up the matter at the state executive council meeting but officers involved said they too had no knowledge of its existence. — theSun

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Kelly says:

Interesting stuff. Looks like 007 needs a refresher in spy cameras.