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Foreign worker dominates local factories

This hard disk manufacturer employs 5000 workers is truly an eye opening to me. I wonder these foreign workers constitute how many percentage of their workforce in Johor?

How could Malaysian government approve such huge number of unskilled workers?

In another word, there are another 5000 Malaysians especially Indians who are depriving such job opportunity may end up as snatch thieves, robbers, illegal car park caretakers, etc.

Now they are resorting to riot and asking for better benefits.

Send them home is the best option before their violent protest goes out of control.

5,000 riot over death of worker

JOHOR BARU, Malaysia – About 5,000 foreign workers at an electronics factory in the Tebrau Industrial area here staged a protest yesterday following the death of a colleague.

During the seven-hour stand-off, which started at 7am near the workers’ quarters, the workers from Nepal, India, Myanmar and Bangladesh turned violent and threw chairs and rubbish in protest.

They claimed the worker died because of their employer’s delay in sending him to the hospital.

The tense situation was, however, defused with the arrival of police and the Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) personnel.

Johor police Criminal Investigation Department chief Datuk Amer Awal said it took the officers about two hours to convince the workers that the management of the factory was not at fault over the death of their colleague.

“Investigations revealed that the 20-year-old Nepalese worker had died while being treated at Sultanah Aminah Hospital here after he was admitted about 7am today.”

Amer said the victim had hid the fact he was sick from his employer.

He only informed his employer that he had high fever yesterday morning.

“When the employer came to know and decided to send him to hospital, it was a little too late. We have recorded statements from several of the workers to facilitate investigations,” Amer said.

Other employees, who blamed the management for the delay in sending the worker to the hospital, gathered at the quarters and started shouting at their employer.

Amer said by 2pm, police and the FRU were able to disperse the workers.

He added that no one was detained while police had also informed the Nepalese embassy in Kuala Lumpur of the death.

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