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Philippine police commando is alike scout

Philippine police man was holding an invisible pistol. That is an international joke!

The live telecast of this tragic event to the world clearly show that Philippine assault team is ill-prepared and poorly trained.

A standard and professional assault will end in 30 seconds, not more than an hour. I think Philippine police is too poor to purchase stun bombs.

Hostage rescue team ill-prepared: Philippine police

Aug 24 (Reuters) – Philippine police said on Tuesday the assault team which tried to rescue 15 people held on a bus by a gunman was poorly trained and armed and offered condolences to the families of the eight hostages who were killed.

The PNP said in a statement its command group had noted “some observations and defects” in handling the hostage crisis on Monday in Manila, including “inadequate training and competence of the assault team leader” and “inadequate capability, skills, equipment and planning of the assault team”. Other issues included poor handling of negotiations, side issues and events that agitated the hostage-taker, improper crowd control and breakdown of relations with the media. (Reporting by John Mair; Editing by Ron Popeski)

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soon says:

This year joker award must be given to Philippine and nobody else. People around the globe will be laughing at them for at least 1 century. If they cant even handle a person gunman, can you rely on them to fight terrorist?? No wonder Abu sayyaf are so active in their area and like to stay close to them.

Philippine SWAT…lol..hahahahahahahahahaha. Jokers.