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This is “muhibbah” spirit wanted by Malaysians

The cyber world is heading to wrong direction with mushrooming racist and insensitive remarks against others especially between Malays and Chinese in the Facebook. MCMC should take stern actions against those offenders without bias.

The traditional kampung friendship spirit should be rejuvenated in the cities.

No crime, thanks to neighbours
by Charles Ramendran

PETALING JAYA (Sept 5, 2010): Non-Muslim residents of several housing areas in Selangor will help their area police personnel carry out crime prevention patrols in their neighbourhoods this Hari Raya. This follows a trial run at Seri Kembangan during the last Chinese New Year when not a single case of crime was reported.

“Last Chinese New Year, about 80 Malays, Indians and other races joined forces with the police and kept watch over the houses of their Chinese neighbours for a week,” said CPO Deputy Comm Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar.

“So for Hari Raya, we plan to do the same, and also during Deepavali and Christmas,” he said.

Spurred by the success at Seri Kembangan, residents of Damansara, Puchong and USJ will form groups comprising non-Muslims to patrol their neighbourhoods with police during Hari Raya this week.

“We hope to see residents of all townships coming forward and volunteering their time for this effort,” said Khalid, adding that the main focus of these groups are to be watchful over vacant houses.

“In this way, those who balik kampung can go with a peace of mind knowing their homes will be under the watchful eyes of not only the police, but also their neighbours, said Khalid who urged residents who spot anything suspicious to quickly alert the police .

Khalid said residents taking part in the crime prevention effort will meet police at the police station nearest to their township before going on joint patrols at night.

He said police will also try to organise such efforts in the day if there are residents willing to volunteer their time.

“This effort is also a good way of enhancing ties between races in line with the 1Malaysia theme.

“Through such programmes, we will see various races working together for the benefit of the nation. It will be a heart-warming sight and we are really looking forward to it.” he said.

Yesterday, Khalid had launched the programme themed “Safe Journey, Secure Home” at the One Utama Shopping Centre at Bandar Utama.

Khalid said more interactive programmes, including a website for residents to raise issues pertaining to the security in their area, to provide information and discuss solutions, between the community and police were in the pipeline. — theSun

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