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Life is cheap in Malaysia

Ailsa McKnight, 44, with two of the kittens she saved - George (left) and Ringo

What do we expect in Bolehland for the welfare of these little animal since the human babies are often abandoned and sometimes killed.

A British spent RM60,000 to rescue six cats from Malaysia is teaching us that our society is lack of humanity.

Brit tourist pays £14,000 to bring hom six rescue cats from Malaysia

By Matt Roper 9/09/2010

An animal lover has brought back an unusual souvenir from Malaysia holiday – SIX rescue cats at cost of £14,000.

Ailsa McKnight, 44, was distraught after finding the maggot-infested animals stuffed into tiny cages after going for a walk around her hotel.

She said: “I heard a cat mewing behind some sheds and was horrified. There was no cover from the heat, one plate of rotting food full of flies and no water.”

She took them to a vet thinking she would have them put to sleep but he told her they could survive.

So, Ailsa, from Milton Keynes, had them shipped back to the UK. By the time they come out of quarantine, Ailsa and partner Dave will have spent £14,000.

Ailsa said: “I’m sure everyone thinks I’m mad. I just couldn’t leave them there.”

She is now looking for homes for the six cats – and four kittens after Siamese Tara turned out to be pregnant.

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