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The photos of West Lake in China

Taman Negara was submitted to UNESCO for review since 2004, but no progress on its status on when Taman Negara can be inscribed into World Heritage List.

China already listed 40 sites in world heritage list with three candidates are submitted each year. West Lake is a candidate in the waiting list, maybe it will be listed by next year.

The legend of snake white lady makes the West Lake, a place known to almost every Chinese.

The texts of the Chinese and English versions of the West Lake’s application for being listed as world heritage have passed the preliminary examination by the UNESCO World Heritage Center, according to a meeting of Hangzhou about the West Lake’s world heritage application held on Sept. 15, 2010. The International Council on Monuments and Sites is expected to send specialists to Hangzhou to carry out a field inspection. (Xinhua/Tan Jin) (hdt)

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