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Do you want to see neon-lit Melaka River?

The Star has published my letter on my grouse against Melaka River beautification project by Melaka government.

Neon-lit river bank is suck!

Malacca is losing its history

THE NEON-lit riverbank does not project a true image of the historical Malacca River.

I remember it as a vibrant place alive with traditional barter trading and fishing boats before it was transformed into a concrete drain.

The river used to be a natural habitat for wildlife like crabs, monitor lizards, mudskippers, etc.

All that has become history in the historic city now.

This kind of haphazard commercial project may be a money-spinner in the short-term but it brings adverse consequences to Malacca’s long-term sustainable tourism. Why would people revisit Malacca to see another concrete jungle?

The state government is killing the very industry it wants to promote by destroying the river and the city’s unique historical elements and charms.


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