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Let co-exist with wildlife in the Melaka River

As the writer for “Malacca is losing its history”, I oblige to reply to a few blind spots highlighted in this letter, “Thumbs up to a cleaner river

The river pollution overflow with smelly and filthy water and rubbish was created by Melaka city residents themselves, not due to the wildlife living in the river. River clean up or beautification project should be done with co-existence with the wildlife in mind and we should not simply take away their natural habitat due to problem caused by us. Do not be greedy and selfish, we humankind cannot live
lonely and survive on this planet without the wildlife.

There are ways to beautify and clean up the river, and in the same time keep the natural setting instead of erecting such ugly concrete pilings along the riverbank. Singapore government realized that concrete walls in the Singapore river are not environmental friendly to wildlife and also we humankind. They tried to correct the mistake after finding out native species either all gone or depleting

Melaka government should listen and learn from mistakes made by other cities before implementing Melaka river beautification project in hassle.

I heard a number of grouses from tourists that Melaka is losing its historical charms after inscribed in the world heritage list. Please carry on erecting more ugly concrete structures if Melaka may want to follow Dresden Elbe Valley in losing world heritage status.

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