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中共政府封锁溫家寶接受CNN專訪的内容 [Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao Interview on CNN]



[That is truly amazing, Chinese government censored CNN interview with her own premier.]


[Below is 3gp file without sound in a zipped file for you to send it through email]

Download 3gp file here: Wen Jiabao Speaks in CNN

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风争 says:

That is two years old interview by CNN.

333 says:

无声版?? 什么居心呢? 怕别人听出来讲的是啥?

1. Many Chinese folks do not understand English, the dubbing in Chinese is good enough.


2. Reduce the file size to 6MB compared to 20MB in the original video clip.

从20 MB减少视频的大小至6 MB。