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‘Flying’ screwdriver is a peanut

I did know a TV set is thrown out from my apartment block in Penang. Luckily no one was killed.

Attempted murder charge instead of mischief should be used against those offenders.

‘Flying’ screwdriver nearly hits housewife and kids at Penang flats

GEORGE TOWN: First, a falling stone kills a man. Now, a “flying” screwdriver narrowly misses a housewife and two children.

Just 48 hours after Koay Chin Chai died when he was hit by a palm-sized stone, Sharifah Mydin Kuppiy nearly met the same fate – this time in full view of several councillors and pressmen.

The 27-year-old housewife was shocked to see that a screwdriver had cracked her car’s windscreen at the Jalan Sungai flats at about 2.45pm.

Narrow miss: Sharifah Mydin showing the damage to her car windscreen after it was hit by a screwdriver (inset) at the Jalan Sungai flats in Penang yesterday.

Sharifah said if they had stood next to the windscreen, she and her brother’s two children could have been the next victims of a “flying” object.

“We don’t want to be living in fear everyday,” she said, adding that a flower pot landed next to her while she was carrying a baby on Oct 19.

Several pressmen, Penang Municipal Council (MPPP) councillors and council officers, who were scheduled to be there for a press conference over the falling stone tragedy, were shocked to witness the latest incident.

On Saturday, Koay, 64, died after he was hit on the head by a falling stone measuring 14cm by 10cm and weighing about 280g.

Kampung Maqbul Village Security and Development Committee chairman Shahrudin Mohd Shariff, who has been living in the block of flats for 10 years, said he once came across a mini aquarium falling and landing next to him.

“One day, residents may have to wear a helmet when walking around the block,” he said.

MPPP public health and finance standing committee member Ong Ah Teong said the council, which manages the block of flats, would install six CCTV cameras at strategic locations by the end of the year.

He said they were considering fixing a wire netting measuring 1.2m by 1.8m to cover the grilles of the 529 units and also extending the awning at the front portion of the flat.

“We will impose a RM50 fine on those who simply throw rubbish,” he said, adding that repeat offenders might also be barred from staying in the flats.

Meanwhile, the windscreen of a car parked below a block of flats in Bandar Baru Air Itam was smashed after a steel bar of a window pane fell on it.

Lim Lee Kheng, 38, whose sister owns the car, said it happened at about1.40pm on Sunday.

A police report was lodged.

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