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An open letter to YB Lim Kit Siang

Dear Mr. Khoo,

You have not been put on the moderator’s list, as shown by your various posts.

In this particular case, think it was the link in the post which kicked off the automated mechanism to place it on the moderator’s list. As you would have noticed, it has been released.

The blog tries to keep away vulgarities and abuses for the interest of all blog visitors.


The “machai” is a bigot who hated Muslim from his name calling “nkkhoo Abdullah.”

Dear YB Lim Kit Siang,

I am disappointed with the way you run your blog, you allow a no name “machai” to attack me with name calling low tactic but in other hand you put me in the moderation screening list.

I highly respect you as a senior politician to fight for freedom for all Malaysians (although some say you are fighting for Chinese only).

If you cannot take comments (no vulgar wordings of course) freely with open mind, then you are like another hypocrite Raja Petra who blocked my account after criticizing him in his blog. He was shamelessly to proclaim to the world that he is preaching freedom of speech unlike BN politicians.


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