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Enough is enough...what is the point in having this shit Guinness World Records

Malaysians only capable of breaking this sort of world's a shame!

The highest GDP, smallest Gini Coefficient, greenest environment, smoothest public transport, cleanest drinking water, happiest citizens, zero crime, smartest students, highest density of scientist, engineer and doctor, etc. are meaningful goals to be pursued, not this sort of nonsense world records.

We not spend RM250,000 on IT training program for the rural students?

National Solo Climber Needs RM250,000 To Set World Record Climb At KL

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 26 (Bernama) — National solo climber Mohd Noor Mat Amin needs RM250,000 to accomplish his next world record feat, to climb the Kuala Lumpur Tower.

He said the climb was scheduled last Oct 9 and 10, but had been postponed to Feb 2 and 3 next year due to problem in getting sponsors.

“The climb has to be postponed again to April 16 and 17 next year because I still can’t get any sponsor.

“Although disappointed, I will continue with the training,” he told Bernama here.

Mohd Noor said he needed the fund to bring in officers and staff of the Guinness World Records from United Kingdom, as well a for his training and to organise side activities for the event and also to manage the event.

Mohd Noor, 43, who is Utusan Malaysia photographer, had set a national record for climbing Mount Kinabalu 50 times between July 10 and Sept 10, 2007. The feat was entered in the Malaysia Book of Records.

He had also set a record by climbing the Kuala Lumpur Tower 30 times in three days in February 2008.

His latest feat was climbing the majestic Mount Kinabalu 11 times between Dec 31, 2009 and April 20 this year.

Mohd Noor said his next feat at the Kuala Lumpur Tower, which he hoped to get it entered into the Guinness Book of World Record, was to do the “stair climbing-vertical height in 24 hours (up and down)”.

“To make it a success, the support from the government and the private sector is very important,” he added. He said he would need about RM22,000 to bring in the official from the Guinness World Records to Malaysia, adding that the amount included for the tickets and accommodation.

Mohd Noor said he had been training for the event since last August, including at Batu Caves and Gunung Tebu, and also planned to train by climbing the stairs at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre.

“I train for about three to four hours daily and to prepare myself for the 24 hour feat, I kept myself awake by training in Kuala Lumpur in the morning and then drove the whole night to Terengganu and the next morning , went straight to Bukit Besar to train,” he added.


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