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Handheld laser pointer is still harmful

A naughty boy in my hometown pointed a handheld laser beam on my right eye from about 20-30 meters distance, I still feel the side effect of seeing a small black spot after two decades later.

A direct hit will temporarily blind our eye for a few minutes even from 100 meters away.

A Weak Laser Beam Won’t Affect Vision, Says Optometrist

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 27 (Bernama) — A beam shone from far — from the stadium terraces to the playing field, for example — is weak and does not affect vision, an optometrist said on Monday.

This is especially so if a laser pointer is used, Dr Zahimi Chik said when commenting on an incident during the first-leg of the Malaysia-Indonesia final in the AFF-Suzuki Cup in Bukit Jalil Sunday night.

The match was stopped for five minutes after the Indonesian coach complained that Malaysian fans were dazzling his goalkeeper with a laser beam.

Zahimi, formerly of the Penang Eye Hospital, said that the beam of a high-powered laser of the kind surgeons use is dangerous to the eyes.

“This beam will damage the retina if it touches the visual point of the eye even briefly.

“But a beam from a laser pointer which is used by a lot of people now is not dangerous except at close range,” he said.

Zahimi said that the laser pointer on sale to the public has a low capacity because it was produced with the safety of consumers in mind.

“You have to pay millions of ringgit for a powerful laser.

“It’s impossible for spectators to bring into a stadium a laser that can affect vision,” he said.

Also, with the constant movement in a game, Zahimi does not think that a beam can be shone at anyone on the field long enough to have any effect.

The return match of the final will be played in Jakarta this Wednesday with Malaysia having a three-goal cushion.


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