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29 foreign tourists lost their lives in Bolehland in a short week!

Who is still confidence to visit Malaysia with this kind of man-made disaster?

Our MCA Transport Minister should be held responsible for frequent bus and boat accidents, and should resign from the cabinet (Of course we know Bolehland Minister is illiterate when it comes to writing resignation letter).

Who should be responsible?

Opinion 2010-12-28 14:43

Translated by SOONG PHUI JEE

There are only a few days left before a brand new year and two recent major accident involving foreign tourists have raised the people’s concern.

On 20 December 2010, a tour bus hit a divider and overturned on its way down from Cameron Highlands, killing 27 people, including 24 tourists from Thailand, and wounded 10 people.

On 27 December 2010, a boat capsized while on its way back from a fishing trip near Sibu Island, killing four Singaporeans and another Singaporean missing.

It means that 28 foreign tourists have died in accidents in Malaysia within a week. It will not only affect our tourism industry, but also seriously tarnish the country’s image.

According to the information, at least seven major bus accidents had taken place in Malaysia over the past 10 years and the death toll has reached 108 while 171 people have been wounded. Since October this year, three accidents have taken place, causing 47 killed and 85 wounded.

In other words, we have the most major bus accidents this year with a record high number of casualties. It highlights that we have not learned a lesson from the past major bus accidents and we have not taken adequate and effective measures either to prevent the repeat of similar tragedies.

Although the authorities will take appropriate actions every time after a major road accident, it is regrettable that we can still see travel buses and coaches speeding along the North-South Highway and the number of serious accidents are actually increasing instead of decreasing, particularly this year. What does it mean? It means that some bus operators are too stubborn to change; it means that the law enforcement authorities are not strict enough and it means that our traffic management system is problematic and no improvement has been done!

Major bus accident tragedies are always related to man-made factors, including the shipwreck this time. According to the police, the boat carrying 29 people was overloaded as it was permitted to carry only 13 people. The boat carrying double the amount of passengers that it should carry was like a floating coffin in the sea. How could they disregard human life to such a point?

What we want to look into are, how could the ferry operator blatantly overload? Why did the law enforcement authorities allow the operation of the overloaded ferry? Who has deprived the tourists of their safe way home? Why do we always remedy the situation only after a disaster occurs? Who should actually be responsible for the tragic death of these innocent people?

Obviously, the ferry operator has seriously violated the law and the law enforcement authorities have seriously committed negligence. They are inexcusable and the people will not be satisfied if they are not taking the responsibility and no action is taken on them!

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