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Why KL MRT is so expensive?

Beijing newly completed 3 MRT lines with 108 Km long only cost about RM 30 billion. Beijing MRT lines have more underground tunnels than KL MRT and still the cost is much cheaper.

As reported from the local news, KL MRT line is from Sungai Buloh to Kajang with a distance estimated between 40 to 50 Km by roads. The MRT line should be shorter with its unobstructed route.

How could 40 Km KL MRT line is more expensive than 108 Km Beijing MRT? I do not need to tell you how much money will be robbed by UMNO through this rent-seeking KL MRT project.

RM36b MRT project to ease KL jams

Kuala Lumpur: Work is to start work on a Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system in Kuala Lumpur next July, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced Saturday, in an bid to ease congestion on the city’s transport network.

The RM36 billion project, part of the government’s economic transformation plan, will link the city’s disparate commuter lines, Najib said.

The new line from the city’s northwestern perimeter to the southeast will pass through many densely populated suburbs that are not served by the present inner-city light rail transit systems.

Much of the city’s workforce catchment area is currently not served by the rail network, forcing commuters to take to the city’s congested roads, creating daily gridlock.

“The Sungai Buloh-Kajang MRT line will serve a catchment area of about 1.2 million people,” Najib said.

The line will take six years to complete, Najib said, and is expected to transport more than 400,000 passengers every day, as well as creating 130,000 jobs during its construction.

With the introduction of the MRT, 50 per cent of transport users will be using rail as their main public transport, Najib said, reducing congestion and making travel easier.

In September, Najib unveiled an initiative to transform the economy over the next decade, with the aim of creating 3.3 million jobs and propelling the country towards developed-nation status.

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Abdullah says:

The cost is only 6 billion. Najib’s wife add a “3” infront of the figure make it 36!