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Malaysian man is truly boleh! A 110-year old man makes us proud and fame in the world

Mohammad's ad has drawn the attention of 82-year-old Shana. Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily

Mohammad Isa  is really make us proud with his still “boleh” marry spirit. Chua Sok Lek should be humble enough in front of this old man.

Shana had the idea of getting married again after reading the spouse-seeking advertisement of Mohamad Isa on the newspaper. Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily

He is a true man!

More widows want to marry 110-year-old man

Kuala Lumpur – A 110-year-old Malaysian man looking to marry wife number six has received favorable responses from two widows aged 82 and 70, a local newspaper reported Tuesday.

Ahmad Mohamad Isa, who is almost blind and has hearing problems, told daily Utusan Malaysia last week that he wanted to marry again to ‘cure his loneliness.’

The man from the northern state of Kedah state had been married five times. Four of his wives had died and he divorced the fifth.

He has five children, 20 grandchildren and 40 great-grandchildren.

His story moved Sanah Ahmad, 82, a mother of nine, who lives alone since her husband passed away nearly 30 years ago. Utusan Malaysia reported Sunday that she wanted to marry Ahmad as he reminded her of her dead husband.

By Tuesday, another widow, 70-year-old Zainab Salleh, had also stepped forward.

‘Loneliness can be painful. If he accepts, I am willing to stay with him in Kedah,’ Zainab told Utusan Malaysia.

Zainab who has eight children aged between 30 and 53, has been a widow for the past 15 years.

‘My children still don’t know of my wish but I hope they would accept it. I want a partner to talk to and share my feelings with,’ she said.

Ahmad is being looked after by his 64-year-old daughter Fatimah. Though frail, his memory is said to be still sharp.

He had told the newspaper that he would present anyone who married him with a car.

‘It doesn’t matter who she is as long as she can cook rice and make curry for me,’ he said.

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