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Stop donationg money to Buddhist monks loitering in the street

This idiot is a bogus monk!

Most of them are bogus monks from China with ill-intention to cheat Malaysians especially the Buddhist followers and innocent foreign tourists.

Real monks have never asking money from any public member and loitering in the street to harass by-passers for donation of dubious welfare projects and pushing for sales.

These donkeys are tarnishing the good image of Buddhist monks. STOP donate money to them and call in police to arrest them for deportation.

CPO: Check monks’ identity to be certain

MEMBERS of the public can ask for the identification card of monks for verification to check if they were genuine monks or not when they ask for donations.

Penang police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Wira Ayub Yaakob said the public could always alert the police or approach those on duty at the Ops Payung booth for help should they come across any bogus monks.

“Impersonating a monk is an offence. Nobody can stop the public from asking to see the monks’ identification card to know whether they are genuine monks or not.

“Even if they are foreigners, they should have a card. When the public alert us, we will check with the Immigration Department if these people have violated their social visit pass,” he said.

DCP Ayub was responding to a question on the presence of bogus monks in Penang during a dialogue session between the police and Malaysian Buddhist Association at its Wisma Education and Charity Hall in Burmah Road on Tuesday.

More than 100 representatives from Buddhist associations, monks and police personnel attended the session.

Earlier, Dhammikarama Burmese Buddhist Temple trustee Yeap Theam Kwee voiced his concern on the increasing presence of beggars in temples especially during the festive season.

“Sometimes they would even go into the shrine hall and that is inappropriate.

“We ask them to leave but they keep coming back later.

“It is not nice for Buddhists to be too harsh on them but their presence has caused disturbance to the devotees when they keep pestering them for money,” he said.

To this, DCP Ayub said George Town OCPD Asst Comm Gan Kong Meng would be arranging more frequent joint operations with the local authority to pick up beggars and vagabonds in the area.

“They usually pick religious place such as mosques and temples because they know the devotees would be more generous there since they want to do a good deed.

“Some of them could be from syndicates who use a van to drop the beggars and pick them up later in the day.

“These syndicates could earn thousands of ringgit per month and the members stay in four-star hotel that are used as their money counting centres,” he said, adding that the said beggars also refused to go to welfare homes when picked up during police operations.

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