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Malaysians are over dependent on maids

Except for those families with elderly person and weak patient need to be attended by a maid or helper, there is no dire need to hire maid if we know how to manage our household matters efficiently and effectively.

A KL multimillionaire friend fired his Indon maid after he found out her maid brought her lover into his house for fun during his office hours. His household did not break apart without the presence of a maid since then. His son and daughter were trained up to clean their own school shoes from primary one, and therefor no maid is needed to pamper them.

I did know a maid is asked by her employer to polish glass windows everyday. The house is in the new village, not the 5-star hotel, such daily cleaning is unnecessary job except to torture the maid to madness.

Only lazy and ineffective people will hire maid to take care their housekeeping.

Desperate employers paying high prices for temporary maids

PETALING JAYA: Maid agencies are cashing in on the shortage of domestic helpers in the country by charging desperate employers up to RM1,500 monthly for temporary maids.

The employers are paying a high price for these “temps,” who are hired for a few months before being “rotated” by the agency to other households.

With people willing to pay up to RM1,500 per month for such a temp, it is estimated that agencies are raking in up to RM18,000 each year for every maid under them.

Under the temp system, which is illegal, the employers will fork out the payment to the agencies, who would then pay the maids low wages and pocket the rest.

To fulfil the supply of maids as temps and due to the continued freeze by the Indonesian government, it is believed that the agencies are “recycling” those who have run away from their employers.

The growing practice was exposed by employers, who confessed to having paid large sums of money for these temps.

An employer from Kuala Lumpur, who declined to be named, said he was paying a registered agency RM1,500 per month for a temporary Cambodian maid.

“The agency told us she was a ‘rejected’ maid and we agreed to take her on because we were desperate for help and she was available immediately,” he said.

He said when the agency first informed them of the availability of a temp, his wife went to pick her up only to be told that she had already been hired to another household.

“We were told to come back after two days as these temps were in high demand,” he said.

Association of Foreign Maid Agencies (Papa) president Alwi Bavutty said it had received several reports of agencies supplying such temps and had sent letters demanding for an explanation.

“It is illegal and we will take action against any agency providing such services,” he said.

Alwi said maids were brought into the country only to work for specific employers and that the transfer of a maid to another employer could only be carried out once with approval from the Immigration Department and the first employer.

“If the second employer returns the maid to the agency, she has to be sent back to her country immediately,” he said, adding that there were many unregistered agencies getting maids through illegal means and offering them as temps.

Employers are also caught in the dilemma because the illegality of the temp system and the lack of documentation from the agencies mean that they cannot even file an official complaint if they are dissatisfied with the work.

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