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Hindraf is irrational and a racist party

Hindraf is like Perkasa to make a non-issue to racial issue.

If pariah wording was existed in the history, eliminate the word from the novel does not make today Indians look better IF they’re resorting to racism and fanaticism to fight for their own rights.

Chinese was called the sicko of Eastern Asia during the Ching Dynasty by the Westerners and Japanese. I do not feel any novel writers offending Chinese people for using “the sicko of Eastern Asia” in their book to reflect a historical event in the old times.

Chinese people take that insult as an inspiration to work harder and smarter, nowadays I doubt anyone dares to call the Mainland Chinese and Taiwanese who achieve marvelous progress in every field, “the sicko of Eastern Asia” again after 100 year of the demise of Ching Dynasty.

Only people with inferior complexity are offended from a historical true event. MIC is also dancing with Hindraf to incite racism among Indians.

9 protestors against Interlok arrested

Racism on the rise News 2011-01-20 16:23

KUALA LUMPUR, Thursday 20 January 2011 (Bernama) — Police said that nine men were arrested when they tried to make trouble by displaying “Haramkan Interlok” posters during Thaipusam celebrations at the Batu Caves here today.

Selangor police chief Datuk Tun Hisan Tun Hamzah said the men, aged 18 to 46, all wearing orange T-shirts with HINDRAF inscribed on them, were trying to put up three posters calling for the ban of the novel Interlok.

“When police intervened to stop them the group rammed into them and were arrested,” he told reporters here. All the posters were seized.

HINDRAF, is the acronym for the banned Hindu Rights Action Front. Intertok, which is about the integration of the Malays, Chinese and Indians up to the time of Independence, is to be a textbook for fifth-formers.

But the MIC had called for changes because it said that some of the words used in dealing with the caste system might hurt Hindu sensitivities.

Tun Hisan said that eight of the men arrested were from Selangor while the other was from Perak.

Initial investigations showed that three of them have a criminal record. Tun Hisan said the “trouble” at 10.10am was the only criminal incident at the Batu Caves where 1.3 million Hindus from inside and outside the country have converged since Monday.

A total of 1,200 police personnel had been deployed to maintain order.

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