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PR can say goodbye to Putrajaya if no reform within PR

Pilihan diutamakan, Rakyat diabaikan.

LGE role in Kampung Buah Pala scandal pissed off the Indians. I told DAP and PR supporters in Anil blog a year ago, with Malay and Indian votes are siding BN, Anwar and PR can say sayonara to Putrajaya forever.

The best scenario for PR is 70% Chinese votes and 35% Malay votes. PR needs at least 70% Indian votes to win marginally in West Malaysia.

With 30-40% Indians behind PR now, PR may lose 2/3 majority to BN in the next GE. PR may only hold on Penang and Kelantan states, BN will regain other states in the next GE.

I will keep this post as a writing on the wall.

PR has to change their strategy to win the heart of orang kampong from all races. They have to go down to grassroots level to unlock BN misinformation campaign.

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