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Why Chinese do not support BN? Here is one main reason...

I take Merlimau Chinese primary school as a typical example.

The total cost for school rebuilding project is RM 2.5 million. More than 80% of funds were raised from the Chinese community.

The breakdown for funds from government is as below,

  • Melaka state government: RM 10,000 (Ten thousand only)
  • Jasin MP: RM 10,000
  • Merlimau Adun: RM 5,000
  • MCA: RM 200,000
  • Education Ministry: RM 200,000 (Only released recently due to Merlimau by-election)

The sum grant from government and BN political parties is RM 425,000.

The school furniture for headmister, library, classrooms, etc. all are still in dilapidated conditions.


In other hand, Merlimau Tamil school is given RM 10 million for a new school due to this Merlimau by-election. Malaysian Indian is striving a gold from the demise of an UMNO politician.

Those people who still cannot understand why Chinese is voting opposition shall go eat &^^*%$%$.

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