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Malaysia ranking in the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index (TTCI) drops from 32 to 35

As per Travel and Tourism Competitiveness 2011 report published by the World Economic Forum, Malaysia ranking is dropped from 32 in 2009 to 35 in 2011.

The excerpt from the report says, “Malaysia is ranked 7th regionally and 35th overall, down three positions since the 2009 T&T Report. Malaysia benefits from its rich natural resources (ranked 22nd) and its cultural resources (ranked 33rd). The country also benefits from excellent price competitiveness (ranked 3rd), with low comparative hotel and fuel prices, low ticket taxes and airport charges, very competitive hotel prices, and a favorable tax regime. Malaysia’s policy environment is assessed as conducive to the development of the sector (ranked 21st), and the country is characterized by a strong affinity for Travel & Tourism more generally (ranked 17th). With regard to weaknesses, health and hygiene indicators lag behind those of many other countries in the region, with, in particular, a low physician density (placing the country 96th).”

Its full report can be downloaded from this link

Malaysia is performed moderately or can be considered badly in safety and security index at the 80th out of 139 countries in the study. Tourism infrastructure is ranked 74th is another weak area highlighted by the report.

Malaysia main competitiveness is its cheap pricing for hotels, food, etc. at 3rd excellent standing. Our hoteliers may continue to pay dirt cheap salary to our local employees just to maintain cheap room rates. At worst, the government may one day have to replace all local workers with foreign cheaper workers to keep TTCI in good ranking if we still rely heavily on cheap cost factor.

This is another uphill task for our Tourism Minister, Ng Yen Yen and government to convince us that government KPI is truly reflecting and measuring Malaysia real competitiveness at the international level. I believe this “negative” report will be played down in the local mainstream papers as usual.

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