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DPM Muhyiddin was uttered bullshit..gambling is not a constitutional right dreamed by non-bumi

Only Vincent Tan is concerned on the gambling ban. We non-bumi Ah Beng is more concerned on fair and equal rights for education, religion freedom, employment in the public sector, business, etc.

Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, keep this gambling right to MCA and Vincent Tan kinda Chinese. These people are not representing Chinese community and cultural value.

Lottery ban violates rights of non-Muslims: DPM

Hemananthani Sivanandam
KUALA LUMPUR (March 8, 2011): Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said the recent ban on the sale of lottery tickets by the PAS-led Kelantan government can be considered an infringement on the rights of non-Muslims as they are allowed to gamble according to existing laws.

“Based on existing laws, it (gambling) is not wrong but their (Kelantan government’s) action has caused dissatisfaction among the non-Muslims and (they will) question PAS’s real attitude and treatment towards non-Muslims,” said Muhyiddin.

He said it is up to non-Muslims to judge the PAS government’s move.

“We leave this to the non-Muslims on how they evaluate PAS’s stand and attitude on this matter. We don’t need to explain the federal government’s stand on this issue,” he said after chairing the cabinet committee meeting on human capital in Parliament today.

Kelantan recently banned Big Sweep lottery as part of its no-gambling policy. Three shops were last week raided by the Kota Baru Municipal Council on the pretext that they had violated regulations of their premise licences which barred them from selling the tickets.

But the Kelantan government’s actions have drawn criticism, with DAP chairman Karpal Singh asking for the ban to be lifted, as legalised gambling is constitutionally allowed in the country.

Karpal said in the case of legalised lottery, federal law applied and not state law.

The Bukit Gelugor MP said that the law on gambling was passed in Parliament, which found it fit even though the majority of the people in the country are Muslims.

On whether the federal government will intervene in the state’s decision, Muhyiddin said those who feel their rights have been violated can take action.

MCA central committee member Datuk Ti Lian Ker on Saturday said the party would bring the matter to court to seek an interpretation of the law and an originating summons would be filed at the Kelantan High Court soon.

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