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Prolong trial is unjust and unfair to small Joe

I fully support KPIs in the court system to expedite the closure of court case. I was sued by a local big company for domain squatting and the case was pending for eight long years until last June, when the complainant decided to withdraw the charge. I had to go through eight years of painful and sleepless nights under such no KPI-driven court case.

Bar Council should stand on our shoes on why a short and predetermined lead time KPI is needed for a better justice to rakyat. Waiting for no deadline trial exerts a lot of mental and monetary pressure on a small Joe, and those big money spender may abuse the court system by dragging on the case to 8 or 10 years or even more to harass and torture those party with limited financial resources.

No lead time KPI trial indeed is an injustice trial to a layman. BAR Council should sort out their resources to meet the KPI deadline and not to demand “never ending” proceeding to be reinstated.

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