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A letter to The Star :: KPIs make for swift justice

I FULLY support KPIs for the court system to expedite the closure of cases (“Bar votes against KPIs” – Sunday Star, March 13).

I was sued by a big local company for domain squatting and the case was pending for eight long years until last June, when the complainant decided to withdraw the charge.

I had to go through eight years of pain and sleepless nights under the no KPI-driven court system. A short and predetermined hearing time is needed for swifter justice for the rakyat.

A no-deadline trial exerts a lot of mental and monetary pressure on the small man, and those with money may abuse the court system by dragging on the case to harass and torture the party with limited financial resources.

The Bar Council should sort out its resources to meet the KPI deadline and not demand “never ending” proceedings to be reinstated.


Kuala Lumpur.

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