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Making fuss on <Perarakan Chingay> name

Those officials from Dais Yatim’s Information, Communications and Culture Ministry shall stop acting like a little Napoleon by asking an unreasonable name change to “Perarakan Kuil Kuno Johor” for the purpose of inscription into national cultural heritage.

This is another sucking decision without thought. “Perarakan Chingay” or “Arak Chingay” was official name used in the Bahasa for the permit application purpose since as early as 1922. Chingay was a English term invented in the South East Asia, it was believed firstly used in Penang.

Why we let Singaporeans rob our heritage name, Chingay? Singapore only started Chingay in 1973 compared with much older Chingay processions held in Penang (1919) and Johor Baru (1870).

Let’s respect the history and spirit of Chingay procession in Johor Baru.

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cl says:

Is it because of the last three letters of the word?