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Boycott Nokia phone..why? They are providing poor customer service in Malaysia.

I have visited their customer service center in Berjaya Plaza for N82 battery cover replacement at about three weeks ago. The desk staff checked the inventory and said no stock available in the center, and asked me to leave my name and contact number. They promised to call me back in one to two weeks.

As expected, no one from Nokia called me up to inform me the availability status of white color battery cover.

Lodged a complaint through Malaysia Nokia website, and provided them with all necessary info. They replied and asked for the same and unnecessary information like phone model, phone number, etc. which was provided to them earlier.

This is Nokia’s official reply for asking same information twice.

Dear Customer,

Thank you for emailing Nokia Careline.

In response to your inquiry, we would appreciate it if you could provide us with the following information for us to assist you further with regard to the availability of the battery cover for your Nokia N82:

Customer’s name :
Contact number/s : (providing land line # will be helpful)
Phone Model :
Date of Purchase : (optional)
Place of Purchase : (optional)
IMEI : (If phone is in ASC, this is required)
Job Code : (If phone is in ASC, this is required)
Warranty status : <under warranty / out of warranty / invalid>
Parts/Enhancement Needed : Specific description of the needed parts/enhancement if applicable (e.g. Front Casing – color white)
Preferred ASC : (service center)
Remarks :

Nokia treats its customer like idiot instead of resolving the issue. What is the fxxxing logic for asking same info twice? Meaning they are totally NO interested to help customer, but to kick around the problem like in the government departments.

Nokia brand phones will be in my NO BUY black list.

Another dishonest service from the Nokia,

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