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MACC or MATI Agency

MACC in the Hokkian dialect means also dead. Was Teoh Beng Hock mysteriously fell down from MACC office, now another one suspect was also found dead in the MACC compound.

MACC should be changed to MATI.

Customs officer in graft probe falls to death at MACC building

KUALA LUMPUR: A Customs officer assisting investigations for graft involving unpaid taxes, and released on bail two days ago, is believed to have fallen off the third floor of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) building in Jalan Cochrane here Wednesday morning.

It is learnt that the officer had returned to the MACC office on Wednesday to meet the investigation officer.

The investigation officer told him to wait and went to collect the file related to the case, but found the Customs officer missing when he returned, said MACC director of investigations Datuk Mustafar Ali.

He added that the Customs officer’s body was found sprawled on the ground floor at 10.15am.

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