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Do you want to work in Malaysia if...

1. Job intake by Malaysia GLCs is based on your skin color.

Let me narrate a real story on my case, all Chinese local graduates from my batch in the aeronautical engineering have better academic result than others.

Only a Malay graduate was hired by Malaysia Airlines and another Malay was hired by Airod. All Chinese graduates have to abandon their technical skills and worked in non-related fields.

This is main reason why I boycott Malaysia Airlines services.

2. Salary in down south island is at least double and more than Bolehland for a same position.

I have just received a latest salary survey in Singapore from a headhunter. You can take a look how much the salary in Kiasuland.

For two example sectors.

For Banking & Financial Services. Download here >>>

For Manufacturing and Industrial. Download here >>>

3. Your tax paid is channeled to a specified race.

4. The management team of Talent Corporation set up by Najib is staffed by 100% bumiputras.

Do you expect these racial-minded people are interested to bring back non-bumi talents from overseas? Everyone knows the real answer except MCA politicians cannot say it out openly as me.

Ibrahim Ali is the happiest Malay to see more Chinese and Indian Malaysians exodus to overseas.

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