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Female become drug mule for a simple stupid reason - for love.

This kind of story is repeating itself until the end of the world. Man controls by his little brother for lust while girl controls by her little brain for love.

No such rational thinking and decisions exist for 99% of girls, emotional decisions always prevail.

I still cannot understand why these girls can fall in love with these Negros from Nigeria and South Africa. My theory is no local male interested on them, and they have to find black men as alternatives or may be due to Obama spilling effect.

I saw another news yesterday about a brilliant Chinese girl was executed for drug trafficking offence in Mainland. Same story like this Iban girl, she was tricked to be drug mule by an Arabian for love reason.

Anyway, let face the firing squad if she was caught trafficking heroin into China. China authorities has sentenced it own citizens to dead sentence for same offence, unlikely they give “bumi privilege” to this Iban girl.

Riot: I will arrange for parents to visit student held in China


KUCHING: Deputy Foreign Minister Datuk Richard Riot says he will try to make arrangements for the parents of a final-year nursing student detained at Tzen Tzen Prison in China to visit their daughter.

The 22-year-old studying at a private college in Kota Damansara, Selangor, was arrested at Guangzhou International Airport on March 11 for allegedly trafficking 700gm of heroin.

Riot said efforts were also being made to find a lawyer for the Iban girl, who is from a longhouse in Betong.

“I will ask the Malaysian ambassador in China to go to the prison to gather more information from her,” said Riot after meeting the girl’s parents yesterday.

She reportedly swallowed 100 pills of heroin after following instructions given by a South African drug trafficker via Facebook.

She was offered RM5,000 by the trafficker, who is also known to be her boyfriend named Chimezie Michael.

Meanwhile, the father said yesterday that he only knew of his daughter’s arrest after receiving a letter from China a few days after her detention.

He said the letter was written in Chinese and he had to get a local businessman to translate it.

“I was surprised and couldn’t believe my daughter had been arrested. I then contacted my daughter’s friend and she informed me that my daughter had not been attending classes and missing from the hostel over the past week.”

He said he last called his daughter on March 10 but his calls were not answered.

“We called for three days but could not talk to her and asked her friend to lodge a police report.”

He said his daughter had never told them or her friend about her South African boyfriend.

“My wife and I are worried,” he said, adding that they were looking forward to going to China to meet their daughter.

He also brushed aside allegations that his daughter got involved in drug trafficking as she was in financial difficulties.

“I can afford to support her in her studies as I have enough savings. All this while, we have never neglected her, especially when she asked for money,” he said in the presence of his wife, who was in tears.

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