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Tigers in Taiping Zoo also cannot stand the scorching heat

I visited Taiping Zoo last week during the peak of heat wave. Seem these tigers also cannot stand the scorching heat and decided to swim in the pond to escape heat. Actually it was too scary to meet tigers face to face from a short distance with only a 10-feet pond wall separating you from the beast. I was quite worry the tigers may jump out from a falling wood branch in the middle of the pond.

Taiping Zoo adopts open concept for its mammals is a bonus. RM12 entrance fee is value for money for a well-maintained small zoo.

This leopard cat (kucing bintang) is playful unlike other wild cats in the cage. A kampung folk ran and screamed “tiger….tiger!!!” like a crazy man when he encountered a leopard cat in the rubber plantation during a night hunting trip with us. He was becoming our laughing stock for mistaken a leopard cat as a tiger cub. The city dwellers may make such a mistake.

Seladang (Gaur)

Our human close relatives


Orang Utan

Orang Utan

A big question? Shall we keep these animals in captivity?

In my opinion, no more new zoos should be allowed. All wild animals should be returned to their habitat.

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