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How Malay racist panel interviewed Chinese candidate....this is my own story.

I did apply for local universities after SPM while many Malay classmates were pursued and appealed by school to apply for overseas scholarships.

=> This is first racial discrimination obstacle for non-bumi student no matter how good your result.

Then, they purportedly called Chinese students for interview for places in local universities. I was called up for UPM interview. My female classmate was interviewed first and I heard my friend quarreled with the panel from outside.

After my turn, they asked who was Chinese minister from Sarawak, I answered his Chinese name. The Malay panel said why you Chinese student does not know YOUR minister.

=> This is second racist statement to imply a Chinese minister is belonging to Chinese folks.

Then, a Malay racist said I was a drug addict because I was thin. Then he followed with another question, “Do you inject heroin with syringe?”

=> This is third racist statement to label me as a drug addict.

Of course I failed this interview.

The philosophy of this story is face-to-face interview by local universities or PSD is mainly designed to fail non-bumi students. 

This explain why many non-bumi top scorers fail to get PSD scholarships after the so-called interview.

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