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A truth behind PSD scholarships scandal

This Chinese student from Sarawak was denied any PSD scholarship as promised by PM Najib. This is just a tip of the iceberg.


There are three things people do not know or ignore about this issue. MCA and UMNO both are trying to be hero for their own races at the expense of Malaysia.

1. Very limited overseas scholarships for second class citizens, Chinese and Indians. Only 14% of total seats (MARA plus PSD) is allocated for 32% population non-bumi students. Demand is much over strip than supply!

Not surprisingly, many 9A+ Chinese students will not given any scholarships if they have no political backing. My nephew with 9A+ and 2A- in SPM ended up in a local secondary school for STPM.

2. PSD interview selection process is questionable. I doubt the interview is conducted professionally by the panel, mostly from Malay officials.

I attended UPM selection interview when I finished SPM in 80s. I knew exactly how racist they are. Please read my real story at the below post.

3. Only 16% overseas scholarship candidates after finishing their study and come back to serve Malaysia. In other word, Malaysia government sponsored our students with billions ringgit from taxpayers for 84% talented students to serve foreign countries.

Malaysia is too rich and kind to train engineers and professionals for foreign western countries. Please do not complain again because we are in Bolehland, everything is boleh including train up people for other countries.

Nazri: Students seeking overseas scholarships must meet certain criteria


KUALA LUMPUR: SPM students who scored 9As and above must meet the Public Service Department’s (PSD) strict guidelines, which include passing the interview and special test, and having a good set of curriculum activities, as there were just 1,500 overseas scholarships available.

PSD’s limited overseas degree scholarships focused on critical fields needed by the civil service and the Government, explained Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz on Tuesday.

The courses offered, he said, were based on pre-determined critical fields such as medicine, dentistry and pharmacy; engineering, law, architecture; science and technology; and selected social science subjects.

“The scholarship offered focuses on these fields which are needed by the civil service and Government.

“One thing we need to remember is that this is a JPA scholarship and we must follow the fields that JPA thinks is critical,” he said at a press conference Tuesday.

The scholarships were distributed according to four categories which also took into account merit, racial composition, family background and social disadvantages, he said.

“The four categories were approved by the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister,” he added.

Another 2,500 spots were offered for local degrees and these are open to those who scored 8A+ and above.

There are also 8,000 spots available for matriculation and diploma-level courses, he said.

He reiterated that those who scored 8A+ and above in their SPM examinations would be offered scholarships to further their studies – at the matriculation, diploma or degree level.

Nazri also denied allegations that the overseas scholarships were unfairly distributed, adding that students were given a week to appeal if they were unhappy.

The appeal deadline for the overseas scholarship has since closed but those who wish to appeal the choice of the given local degree could still do so before their courses commenced, he added.

Nazri added that it would cost the Government RM1.08bil for the overseas scholarships and RM0.36bil to sponsor students taking local degrees.

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