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Be a smart consumer when you send your phone to Nokia service center

My N82 broke down two weeks ago for keypad auto dial and all software went weired including phone and video not working. There was also beeping sound when I turned on camera mode.

These problems persist after I reformatted to original setting. My suspect is no longer software glitch, so I decided to send my set to Nokia service center at Berjaya Plaza for hardware repair.

I highlighted four problems to them

1. Keypad non-stop auto dialing issue.

2. Beeping sound when camera mode is on.

3. Loose SIM card holder.

4. Broken battery casing.

They called me back yesterday to ask whether I agree or not for RM387.70 service charge. Nokia service center is billing me for above issues after so-called diagnosis service.

I immediately replied NO because my three years old N82 set resell value is no more than RM300.

I collected my set from the service center today after paying them RM25 diagnosis fee. Then I went to Low Yat to look for another phone service shop for repairing my phone.

Amazingly, I could not demonstrate problem #1 and #2 to a technician in Low Yat after I put back the battery because these two problems were gone for no reason. Then I noticed there are two hairlines in the center of screen. The technician told me that was LCD issue.

To avoid unnecessary dispute for opening Nokia seal, I took back my set and returned to Nokia center to ask for LCD replacement. After a little argument, they finally agreed to replace defective LCD free of charge.

I conclude that billings for item #1 and #2 for RM 287.9 are unethical and dishonest business practice because my phone set is functioning normal after the diagnosis service. Nokia service center should not try to bill me for non-exist parts replacement. Most likely cause is dirts accumulated below the keypad after three years of active usage.

Take back my set is the best option instead of asking Nokia service to continue servicing for cosmetics problem #3 and #4.

The story is I paid RM25 to get a new LCD and diagnosis service that is not a bad deal after all. My phone is working normal as before without any servicing or repairing done.

The lesson learned is do not simply buy in Nokia service center exorbitant billing, reject it if you feel something amiss. Therefore, no more Nokia phone in my future purchase plane after two bad experiences with Nokia service center in Malaysia.

I hope Nokia HQ read this story before they are losing more customers due to after-sales service dissatisfaction issue.

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