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Malaysian Chinese are truly cowards and selfish stock

Why I said so?

The Chears area I stay now got shops from Malay and Chinese. I found out only Chinese shop owners occupied parking lots in front of their shops illegally by putting up some obstacles like broken chair, bucket, etc.

A Chinese bakery shop owner (was still a suspect because I did not see it with my eyes) has scratched my car once and spoiled my car bumper yesterday after I parked my car on a vacant lot in front of his shop. They mobbed rotten bananas and drew a pennis on my rear screen also.

I have decided to fight back by throwing away their obstacles and more drastic actions will be taken if they want to start a fight.

Actually most Malaysian Chinese are cowards for hitting you from behind, they dare not to challenge anyone who dare to fight back without fear.

They act like fearless heroes when they confront people from their own race and behave like a mouse when they see non-Chinese people.

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sam says:

Coward and sellfish … yes I agree fully. I am glad I am only 1/2 Chinese that I grew up having the opportunity to immerse myself into the thoughts and minds of the Chinese enough to have just the perspectives of things but not ending up as one of them. My 2 cents worth conclusions to this point to their inherritance of superstitiuous cultural practice and religious belief and largely equally outmoded education practices …… what’s your comment?

nkkhoo says:

I have no objection against Chinese traditional religion belief except burning paper money bad practice.

For me all religions have the elements of superstitious. Some Chinese misuse it to predict four digits betting, some Muslims misuse it to kill people, some Christians misuse it to collect money from followers.

Myself did encounter a few unexplained phenomena which are considered superstitious from the scientific perspective.

Rote learning is a common problem in many Asian countries, not a pure Chinese problem.

I believe you disagree Chinese parents aiming for 100% marks mentality. There is pro and con in this pursuit.

Pro is achieving excellency is a noble and positive goal unlike Malay “sambil lewa” attitude.

Con is not every student is smart and potential to score 100% marks, unrealistic goal will exert unnecessary pressure on them.

Singapore with Chinese majority already transformed its education system to a Western styled learning on understanding and probing aspects.

Wei Siong says:

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admin says:

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