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YB Teresa Kok, please resign from Selangor PR government for failing to correct this discrepancy

She pleaded to correct this problem last year after MCA exposed this policy discrepancy against non-bumi students.

I put up my email communication with Teresa Kok for you to know the maturity of this DAP politician.



Why should I resign when so few non Malays apply? This is not under my department too. The “bantuan pembelajaran” is meant for students who study in the hostels of Yayasan Selangor. U can always help to publicize this offer and pass to me or Yayasan Selangor if u want.



Dear YB Teresa,

This pathetic reply telling me that DAP is like MCA, totally powerless in the Selangor government.

Why DAP should stay in Selangor PR if you are so powerless to correct wrong policy from your cabinet like MCA?



This kind of remarks reflect your poor understanding and poor judgement on this issue. It shows that u r a man who can be easily misled by media.

Well if making this kind of remarks make your days brighter and happier. So be it then.

God bless u




Stop blaming media for your own incapability as a senior executive in Selangor PR government.

My days may not be brighter to condemn you for failure to seek justice for non-bumi, but I am quite sure DAP’s good days in Selangor is less than two years from now.

Selangor PR is just another image of BN government. A total failure for PR.

Thank for inciting feminism to attack your opponent. Whether I am a man, a girl or a pondan is nothing to do with this issue.

This is another evidence that you are an immature political leader although you carry a senior title in the Selangor PR government.


Yayasan S’gor under fire over scholarships

B Nantha Kumar

Of the 240 Yayasan Selangor study loans awarded to state-born students this year, only two were Chinese.

SHAH ALAM: Yayasan Selangor has found itself caught in yet another controversy with the latest allegation that it has awarded loans to only 13 non-Malay students for 2011.

FMT received an e-mail which offered details of loan recipients under Yayasan Selangor for the year 2011.

According to the e-mail, Yayasan Selangor awarded 240 loans for 2011.

Of this, 227 loans were awarded to Malays , 11 to Indians and only two to Chinese students.

Yayasan Selangor’s education scholarship and loan scheme was initiated in 1984 to aid Selangor- born students to further their studies.

In the past, when Selangor was under the Barisan Nasional regime, little was revealed about the process and procedures

But post-2008 polls, rumblings of discontent among students who failed to secure scholarships and loans have emerged.

Last year, a similar controversy raged after it was found that only five non-Malays were awarded scholarship among 1,571 recipients for 2009-2010.

The Pakatan Rakyat state government had reasoned that non-Malay students did not like hostels provided and that only a few non-Malays applied for the loans.

Many had accused the government of coming up with “lame excuses” and this elicited a promise from state education councillor Dr Halimah Ali that in 2011, they would advertise the scholarships and study loans via the newspapers.

However, it is learnt that so far there have been no advertisements placed in Tamil dailies.

Khalid under fire

Contacted today, Kota Alam Shah assemblyman M Manoharan expressed unhappiness with the manner in which the loans were disbursed.

He criticised Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim and Halimah for failing to look into Selangor’s non-Malay community’s educational needs.

“I raised this issue last year and the state executive council promised to look into this matter, but it looks like it has refused to do so,” he told FMT.

Manogaran said that Yayasan Selangor was not meant only for the Malay community but for all races.

“I still believe there are a lot of non-Malays seeking educational loans.

“Yayasan Selangor must get to the ground to serve the communities,” he said.

He urged the state government to reveal the names of all scholarship recipients and to disclose how many non-Malay students were awarded boarding school oportunities.

“The state government cannot be secretive,” he said, adding that the state government must set a quota for non-Malays for Yayasan Selangor scholarships.

He also suggested that Khalid sack Yayasan Selangor general manager Ilham Marzuki who has been linked to “so many controversies”.

“As a general manager, he has run Yayasan Selangor to the ground,” he said.

No comments

Meanwhile, Halimah, when contacted, dismissed the imbalance in the awarding of the scholarships, saying that “the loan issue is just a normal thing… nothing to comment on it”.

Yayasan Selangor has been mired in controversy after it was discovered that it planned to spend RM1 million on a 40th anniversary luncheon, which the Sultan of Selangor had refused to attend.

Yayasan’s deputy general manager Saifulruddin Sulaiman was later sacked after it was found that the body could not justify the RM7.41 million in losses incurred until November 2010.

Yesterday, yet another controversy surfaced.

Some 100 nursery operators in Sungai Buloh have alleged that Yayasan Selangor was trying to grab their land.

According to the operators, they had applied for TOL (temporary occupation licence) three years ago, but were suddenly informed on May 25 that Yayasan Selangor had been awarded the TOL and had plans for a Green Park.

However, the 50 operators, who turned up at a meeting with Yayasan Selangor yesterday, said they were not convinced with the development plans and would oppose the TOL awarded to the foundation.

They are scheduled to meet Khalid today to discuss the issue.

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